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11 Things I am Grateful for in 2015

4 Jan

Seated at home thinking through my 2015 and all that I have experienced through the year! All I can say is it is been a great year and I am grateful to God for the gift of life I lived in 2015. I am a strong believer in the principle of praying in private and testifying publicly of the Lord’s Goodness to me. Having gone through 2015, I have seen the hand of God and how He has saved and provided for me and my family through the hills and valleys of life. I just can not thank Him enough. I still do not get it how some folks gather courage to even start claiming that there is no God.

But anyway I just want to share with you all 11 things, I am grateful to God for/that He has done for me and my family in 2015. I hope you are blessed to give thanks to the Lord for the great year 2015 has been to you to.

  1. Father: In April, 2015, my wife and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. This automatically made me a father. My daughter is now close to 9 months old and my life has never been the same again, I must say because of this experience I appreciate my parents better and of course I am a proud father to my daughter. I am grateful to God for this responsibility that He has bestowed upon me to act in His shoes as the  earthly father to this great princess.
  2. My family survived car accident: In October, 2015 my wife while driving our daughter to her school had a head-on collision with a taxi and our car was completely finished off. Seeing both my wife and daughter alive is a real miracle because on accessing the state of car at the accident scene, one could hardly believe anyone alive could have come out of the car. We are grateful to God for the extra life that He has given to us as a family.
  3. Friends and family: In October, 2015 when my wife and daughter had an accident we only had 200,000/= (USD 60) to spend as a family since it was about two days to pay day all over a sudden the medical bills shot through the roof as my wife had to undergo surgery and was bedridden in hospital and we had not yet paid for her insurance. The total medical bills totalled up to over 15,000,ooo/= (Approx USD 5,000). We did not have any money on us apart from the little savings we had been making at our church SACCO but thanks to friends and family who generously gave towards this cause, we were able to raise money way beyond this amount and I can testify that by the time we left hospital every bill was cleared to the dot. We are grateful to God for you all our family and friends. May He abundantly bless you more in 2016.
  4. “New” Job: At the beginning of the year, my workplace had been suspended by our major donor because of suspected fraud. All our jobs were on line. Now since we were expecting to have a baby in April, as the head of my home a lot of pressure was on me as not only did we have to cover the hospital bill but also because of the new member our home bills were going to rise. I used to religiously read the Monday New Vision and Friday Monitor and kept applying for the different job but nothing really came through. And kept on praying to God to see me through the situation. In April a few days to the birth of my daughter, my organization was cleared of the fraud investigations and we were able to sign new better paying contracts with the organization. I was able to get my job back with better pay and better terms and conditions. I am grateful to God for clearing us and for getting my job back.
  5. New partners: I always do some freelance work in addition to my ordinary job. In 2015, I was able to get work from some new partners including the Uganda Communications Commission, ERIKS Development Partner and many others. Working with all these new partners was a great opportunity for me and I am grateful to God who always looks out for me and provides such opportunities.
  6. 2 new companies: One of my goals for 2015 was to start doing business legally so last year I was able to register to companies that I am hoping to move forward in 2016 to make them profitable. I am grateful to God for the favour I experienced through the process and all the people who expedited this process.
  7. New Leadership positions: Besides becoming a father, I was able attain various new leadership positions in the different communities I belong to. One special community I treasure is my Church, Deliverance Church Makerere Hill. Late last year, I was ordained as a Deacon in charge of Media, Communication and Creative Arts and in Deacon in charge of Singles. This is a great honour to serve the body of Christ in these two positions.
  8. MBA: In August, 2015, I enrolled for my MBA at Uganda Martyrs University. Grateful to God for the strength and wisdom He gave during this time to successfully complete the application process and for the two exams I have done so far I have been able excel in both.
  9. Matrich Scholarship: My favourite brother, great friend, mentor and business partner Matovu Richard aka Matrich got a scholarship to pursue his PhD last year. I celebrate this because as the last born you always look up to your older brothers for inspiration in various areas of life and this is a great example to me and I am certainly starting to think about pursing one as well.
  10. God’s Providence: As husband and head of my home, one of my key responsibilities is to ensure my family is well taken care of and provided for, throughout 2015 I have some challenging times especially after the delivery of my daughter as well as the accident my wife experienced however despite these would be set back, God has continously provided for us and our financial position is still great.
  11. The Tibarokokas: Through the tough times of 2015, many friends and families covered us with love, support and financial contributions however there is one specific family I can not fail to recognize i.e. the Tibarokoka family. They took us in when we had our first born and literally taught us how to take care of a child, they also took us when my wife had an accident and have helped us going the tough times and treatment process for people like these we can not pay them back but thank God for bringing such people into our lives. They have truly exhibited God’s love to us. May God richly bless this family.

All is all, 2015 was a great year for me and my family. We have experienced tremendous growth in life generally. Without tough times you can never experience true growth in life, having got a taste of these we have grown beyond what we had expected.

Have you experienced any growth in 2015? Did you overcome some things in 2015? Are there things you are grateful for? Please feel free to share your list in the comments section below: