Get rich quick schemes: Why I believe they are not a way to your becoming wealthy?

14 Mar

Once upon a time in my High School I betted on Senegal winning the 2002 World Cup and lost half of my pocket money simply because a week after I placed the bet Senegal lost to Turkey. It is from that time I said NEVER in my life will I ever bet a gain.

Over time I have been meditating on get-rich-quick schemes and the viability of their money especially given the new schemes that keep coming up each and every other day. It is common to find youth spending all their money (most of them actually use their pocket money or even worse tuition) on schemes such as Sports betting, Forex trading, Telex FREE, WIN competitions by different telecom companies, lotteries etc. During my meditation I was reminded of this verse in the Bible.

Proverbs 13:11 Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows.


I believe this statement/verse is true. I have always observed even in my personal life that there is a difference between the way I spend the money I earn from a hard project I worked on and the money given to free of charge. I always find it way easier for me to spend money I have been given and actually never even care what I spend it out after it comes unexpectedly and there is no sense of the need to account for it. I believe this is one of the major reasons we actually have no rich man around who can attribute obtaining all their wealth from a get-rich quick scheme. There are also a number of other reasons that came to mind as I tried to think about the reasons why people never get rich from these schemes. These include:

  1. The lack of knowledge and experience by many of winners/ earners from such schemes on how to handle and manage money. There are specific techniques of how handle and manage money and most of the people who actually get huge sums of money from these schemes do not have these. Most of these skills are learnt from having small sums of money and as the Bible mentions “if you are faithful with little, you can be entrusted with much”. This is the principle where such people lose all the money they have won or “earned” from the schemes.
  2. Lack of a plan on what to spend on. Most people have neither a spending plan and then even if they had an investment plan most of them do not know the basic rules of investment such as partnerships, mergers etc. This also clearly explains why people don’t become rich from these schemes.

Over time I have observed common characteristics especially the ones on-line and I would summarise these below:

  • They will imply that anyone signing up will become rich within months to a year.
  • They will tell potential victims that the route to success is by following “secret formulas” that no one else knows about.
  • They will often claim they have been seen on various websites such as Google and YouTube, causing the viewer to assume said websites endorse the product.
  • They will use pressuring tactics to get the vicitim to sign up quickly, such as claiming that there are only a certain amount of copies of a CD left, or using special discount prices that are only available for a short amount of time.
  • Schemes such as this will often employ the tactic of displaying testimonials from “previous users.”
  • When trying to navigate away from their website, users are often presented with popup windows offering further discounts, in an attempt to make the user feel special.
  • They use happy faces on the websites and keep using words like “Earn dollars with no efforts”, “Get extra income from the comfort of you home.” etc.

Finally, I call upon all the young people in my generation and those below, lets not be deceived into laziness or even make irrational decisions because of the high unemployment rates. We need to appreciate that money that is going to be beneficial to us comes from hard work so lets go back to the basics, the basics of saving, the basics of not living superficial lives we know we cannot sustain, the basics of planning our expenditures, the basics of prioritization. Let us not just focus on getting rich but have a plan and purpose for our lives and even finances. You do not just want wealth no body only wants that. We all want sustainable wealth and this only comes through hardwork and setting aside certain principles to guide your life. A good place to get principles is the Bible. Get yourself one and READ it. You will be amazed and how much you will then. Now, do not just stop at read, APPLY the principles in your personal life they will help you live a much better life.


Biography 2.0: How to write your personal biography?

24 Feb


Through my work life I have had a number of opportunities of speaking at local and international conferences, serving on several global and local committees, interviews with global media houses, and serving as a judge on a number of global media panels. With all these responsibilities I have been asked to compile a 250 word biography that can be used to introduce me to the various audiences. 

Earlier this month, I also had an opportunity of reviewing a number of documents as part of my consultancy work and part of the documents people where supposed to share was a 250 word biography and I was amazed at how many people are ignorant in this area and how people treat the biography section. 

A biography (according to the Webster dictionary) is usually written history of a person’s life or an account of the life of something. In other words, it is a document where you not down an account of your several life achievements. It is an opportunity to market yourself as a brand. I think the greatest gift anyone or any company can give to you as an individual is an opportunity for you to market yourself i.e. to tell the whole world what your worth.

During the review of the documents earlier this month, I noticed that despite having been given ONLY 250 words to write about yourself some people wasted them writing about their hobbies, how sweet their sister is, describing the place they work, adding inspirational quotes, jokes that make them laugh etc. I believe adding some of these is a waste of the precious few words you have been given to describe yourself. Unless you do not know the value of the opportunity you have been given by the person who is asking for your biography.

I personally believe there are 4 key principles when writing a biography. These are:

  1. Know the purpose for writing the biography. It is often said that where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable. Before you actually start documenting your bio, find out the purpose/reason why you are writing the biography and align your biography to suit the purpose. Do not just write EVERYTHING you have achieved, make it purposeful. e.g. if the people who have asked you to compile your bio are into leadership, compile your bio to suit that audience. That way it will be relevant and well received.
  2. Brief and to the point: In most cases when they asked for your biography, they will give you a specific number of words to use, so always make it mandatory to keep your biography brief and straight to the point. DO NOT waste your words. Make sure each line you add to it is very relevant and is one the best represents you or an achievement you would want to highlight.
  3. Study the audience and write to a specific audience: Just like with any other piece of writing, it is always important to write for a specific audience, this will make it more receptacle to that audience. Do not write like you are writing to everyone; that will hinder your reach. Have a specific target audience in mind and write to them.
  4. Meet the requirements: Each time you are asked for a biography, you will be given certain conditions/requirements that you need to meet e.g. 250 words or less. Discipline is a very essential attribute for every individual so please ensure to maintain discipline and meet all the requirements that have been set out by the people who asked you to share your biography.

Finally, after meditating and researching on biographies here are some of the things I believe one should add to their biography to make it readable and relevant. 

  • A bit about your personal life (depends on audience e.g. it is fitting to talk about my family and marital status at my church)
  • Your passions, personality, and ambitions
  • Your past work experience and achievements
  • Your education experience and skill-set
  • And any other phrases that you feel will market you to the audience

In conclusion, always remember your biography is meant to market/highlight you the individual and not the places where you work so do not spend a lot of time talking about your work place, you can just simply mention the place you worked in and what you achieved there but do not waste words describing what they do and how it is a very organization is. Your biography is about YOU not your place of work.

Hope you find this helpful and are now comfortable writing your biography the next time you are asked for one.

Abstinence: 3 Reasons Why You Need To?

21 Feb
My Wife and I having a good time

My Wife and I having a good time

I have been married for more than six months now and looking back I have no regrets on the decision I made to wait to have sex until marriage. Over the recent weeks I have spoken to a couple of friends and they kept mentioning to me how hard it felt for them to abstain and my answer has always been simple. For one to successfully abstain (just like any other project) it is not just about making the decision, you have to put in place controls and measures in place to help you remain committed to your decision/commitment.

Over the past few months I have meditating and thinking to myself; what are the benefits of abstaining until marriage? Ideally what does one get from making such a decision? I have successfully come up with 3 basic benefits that I feel I got from the experience. See below:

1.  Control over your own body.

There is no better way to have control over your own body than sexually. It is the most rewarding thing you can ever do for your body. I always see friends and colleagues exclaim that man it is tight, it is hard to control yourself when the ladies/guys are all over but I believe such excuses come because one is not certain of the decision they have made. Before I got married, a Christian friend asked me if I could spend a night in same room with my fiancée with out sleeping with her and in mind I thought that would be hard but unless you able to even abstain when opportunities are VERY available; you still haven’t taken full control of your body. And this is not hard it is very possible; and certainly when you are able to abstain even when opportunities show up then you truly have control over your body.

2. Remaining faithful to your partner.

In many young men’s mind (before getting married) you actually think once I get married I will have sex everyday… all the time… THIS IS PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. And that is not because it cannot happen but it is because in most cases circumstances will not allow you to achieve this. There are a number of factors that play here including you or your spouse being tired some days, field work and travel, the menstrual periods, your spouse not being interested, heavy workloads, giving birth etc. Now with all these factors in play it is not possible to have sex everyday… all the time… Now if you are type who has not been abstaining with such circumstances in play, it will be very easy for you to get tempted to cheat on your spouse especially if he has huge workloads or even travels a lot however if you have been abstaining for all the years you were not married, one day/one month/one year/ 5 years etc without sex will not be a bother since you spent about 24 years (for my case) without having sex.

3. Appreciating and enjoying your marriage

I always wonder what people who were not abstaining enjoy about the honeymoon. There is NOTHING as awesome as the honeymoon where you have kept yourselves pure and abstain for all the years you have courting… NOTHING. YOU wouldn’t want to trade it for anything. It is simply amazing. Here is why:

  • You get to discover each others’ bodies with no pressure
  • You both learn about yourselves and your bodies at the same pace since non of you has experience.
  • And you give your full self and your body to someone you truly know has committed their lives to serving you and not just every Tom, Dick and Harry.

It is AMAZING. You certainly will want to experience it YOURSELF and not just hear other people’s stories.

Finally I hope I have been able to convince you to keep abstaining because your efforts are not in vain and by the way, if you have already messed up something, TODAY is a brand  new day. Start off NOW. Make that commitment and be sure you will not regret it. So friends, KEEP YOUR ZIP UP!!! Do not open it for anyone except your spouse.

Trusting God at all times

14 Jan

Often times we go through rough times thinking God has neglected us or left us alone and yet these are actually the defining moments for our destiny in life. Going through tough times does not mean any of the above.  There are a number of people who went through tough times in the Bible but they did not give up on God even when they were really facing it rough. Let us look at some examples here

  1. Joseph was sold off by his brothers into slavery in Egypt. It was not the best thing that could ever happen to anyone. Just imagine your own brothers; people you are supposed to trust and are supposed to help you grow up in a supportive environment selling off because you are doing God’s Will at all times. Then as if that was not enough when he got to Egypt, Potiphar’s wife gets him thrown into the worst prison because he refused to sleep with her and choose not to betray his God. But look here, even through this turmoil Joseph did not bow down to any other God. He kept serving the Almighty God, the God of Israel and God had NEVER neglected Joseph at any of all these stages of Joseph’s life. He was simply preparing him for his destiny. That is to rule over the entire earth.  And at the end of it, Joseph became leader and saved the entire world from Famine because he set himself apart to trust in God at all times.
  2. Job was a man who served the Lord in his days. He was a wealthy man who lost EVERYTHING God had given during the course of his life but he NEVER gave up on God at any one time. Even when his friends and wife encouraged him to do so. He refused to give up on his Master in Heaven even then He knew God still loved Him and could not do anything to harm Him.  Must as Job was going through a tough time in His life, God was using the situation in Job’s life to the Glory of His Name. He was using it to show the devil once and for all that there are people who trust in Me and can serve Me in all situations.
  3. The disciples were very sad and felt lonely when Jesus was crucified on the Cross. They could not believe that the Messiah who is the King of kings, Lord of lords, whom they had walked with, given up their lives to follow for three and half years; believing that He is going to save them and the entire world from sin and all redemption had just been crucified helplessly on the cross. It was not a good time seeing this. But little did they know that through His death of the Cross, the WHOLE earth was saved. That a wretch like you and me were saved from our sinful nature and given access to the King on the Throne. Because through all that suffering and pain on the Cross, God was restoring His relationship with mankind; He was showing His Love to the creation He loved the most and that much as Christ was suffering. He was being lifted up to a position none can NEVER have on earth because EVERY KNEE WILL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE shall confess that He is Lord. Trust it is much better for you to confess this before you die because after you die you will have to be judged and either way you MUST confess that He is Lord and you will have to bow before Him.

So friends, we must learn to trust in the Almighty God at all times. We must choose to study the Word of God each and every day because as we know Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. The only way you are going to grow in Faith is by hearing from God through His Word. Let His Word not leave your lips; meditate on His Word day and night so that you may show yourselves approved of God as His sons and daughters. He says in Hebrews “I will NEVER leave you nor FORSAKE you.” My question to all of us is: Do you believe Him when He says He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us? Or we choose to take what the world around us tells us?

The Bible mentions only one reason as to why God’s people perish. Hosea 4:6. “My people perish because of lack of knowledge” Friends study the Word of God, let it not depart from your lips. Do not let yourself perish because you do not know what is going on. Choose to set yourself apart so that you will know the seasons and won’t miss out on what is happening in the land but will be a part of what God is doing in the Land.

Phil 4:6-7. Do not worry about anything; instead, pray about EVERYTHING. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. If you do this you will experience God’s Peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Jesus Christ. So it is not our job to worry about anything because after all we do not and have never provided for ourselves. We have a master in Heaven we provides us with everything we need in due time. We need not to worry about anything but pray about everything; telling God what we need and thanking Him for all He has done. Let us not be like the pagans who have no God and keep running around wanting to do everything on their own. The Bible should be our inspiration and the source of all truths we believe in. Let the Bible be the TRUTH that we believe in and everything else we have read or come across BE FALSE. If anything is not in the Bible then it is false. Study the Word and let the Word teach you how to get RADICAL FAITH at all times.

God bless you and Glory to God for this message. He is worthy of all praise.

3 Key Lessons We Can Learn From a Flight As We Plan for the New Year

9 Jan

I am very excited to be writing my very first blog post this year and since you are now reading it allow me to say Happy NEW YEAR to you! I am certain it has gotten off to a great start and it is indeed going to be a great year. Back to business!!!

At the close of an old year or beginning of a new year, individual, organizations, governments, churches, charities etc always take off sometime to reflect on their company/private goals and set out new plans for the new year a process that always seems draining for some people but very important since one can only get a sense of personal satisfaction if they had developed plans at the beginning of the year and actually went on to achieve these by the end of the year. This is means they have lived on purpose since they had a specific vision and went after it. On the contrary some of us never go on to make these plans and things just keep happening as the year progresses; the disadvantage with this is that you have no focus. As the old saying goes if someone does not know where they are going then probably any road will lead them there. If you fall in this category, the year is still VERY young I strongly advise you to think through your personal priorities and dream big. Desire to achieve something you have never achieved and then focus all your efforts towards going for that. You will be amazed at what you will achieve simply because you purposed to work to what it.

Last December (2013) during my last flight I noticed 3 peculiar things about flights that when well thought through would make great lessons to learn from and help people develop better plans not just for their lives but also for big corporations. Lets take a quick look at these 3 things:

1. Every flight has a starting point and every passenger on the flight knows the starting point.

2. Every flight has an end point and every passenger is fully aware of the end point.

3. Every passenger on every flight is fully informed of how they will move from the starting point to the end point.

It was amazing when I discovered these 3 things. Every planned flight has these 3 qualities. My desire for sharing this with you is that you can apply these 3 qualities just as the planners of flights do. So for every plan you set out to achieve (whether individually or as a company) make sure you know the starting point, the end point and how you will move from the starting point to the end point.

Have a great year folks and remember to dream big as you plan this year. Remember ONLY THOSE WHO DARE TO DREAM BIG ACHIEVE BIG THINGS. 


Mediocrity and its vices

23 Dec

This is truly one of my last blog post this year. Very impressed with how I have grown as a write over the last couple months and happy with the fact that for 1st time this year I have been able to write my thoughts out an idea that was just a mere dream and desire for me. Every end of the year I take off time to meditate on my life and look at habits and/or areas of my life I need to grow or improve the coming year. Through my meditation this time round, I have noticed that if I am to serve my generation with my gifting I have to get rid of mediocrity and pursue excellence in every thing I do. As I meditated on this I decided to note down some of the mediocre habits I have observed in both myself and people around me and the potential causes of most of these. As you read through these I hope you be able to relate with some of them and draw up your personal strategies on how to overcome them. My job with this post is to help identify some of these and their potential causes. I hope in a later post I will be able to write about how to overcome most of the habits I will mentioning below:

  • Complaining and blaming: I have come across very many of use who enjoy complaining and blaming other people even for things that typically concern us as individuals. Some people go to the extent of complaining about things in their personal lives to themselves on a daily basis; they never do anything about these things and yet they somehow think these things will get resolved somehow by someone who they are not sure where they will come from. A case in example I have a couple of friends who complain of how they are not good readers to themselves and instead of making efforts to start reading… they somehow think out of no where they will become good readers.
  • Thinking what has been done or achieved in a specific area is the best that can ever be achieved in that area. Often times we hear sentiments like ndaba that is what my friends also did or if so and so could do it this way, since I have gotten to a level just below his/hers I have truly achieved. This is a very destructive spirit affecting our generation. My mentor usually mentions the greatest enemy of excellent is good. Many of us work towards just being good enough to fit in society even when we know we can achieve much more than the status quo.
  • Incomplete assignments: Having very many incomplete assignments is surely another great sign of mediocrity. It is shocking that many people even with the many incomplete assignments do not even bother complete them or even strategize on how to complete these. 
  • Completing tasks at the last minute. Mediocre people even when given an assignments way in time wait for the very last minute and then they start panicking asking for assistance on how to complete it. A great story I remember was of a friend of mine who went to our university lecturer to ask for help on last day of handing in the project and the lecturer told him point black that “poor planning on your part should never be an emergency on mine.”
  • Blaming others: For many mediocre people, it is always someone else’s fault and not necessarily theirs. They never want to take the blame no what has gone wrong; even in their own lives. Last week while in a planning meeting, the chairperson of the meeting kept blowing of how he had assigned tasks to specific individuals and how these people had not gotten back to him for over two weeks. When asked if he as the chairperson had contacted them to check on progress, he had not. To me, this would be acting sort of mediocre because as a supervisor you also have the responsibility of checking on the people you assigned tasks to at least midway the task period.
  • Rejecting feedback: Many mediocre people I think because of laziness reject all possible forms of feedback from people because probably they do not want to repeat the tasks or polish them to make them better.
  • Other qualities that came to mind included wasting time they have been paid for in doing their own things, spending a lot of time on very simple assignments, failing to respond to emails promptly etc.

Some of the cause of mediocrity include:

  • Lack of exposure to great things/challenges than what one knows currently.
  • Settling for less all the time
  • Laziness
  • Procrastination
  • Lack of access to the truth
  • Lack of knowledge of the truth
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of failure
  • Wanting to be like others
  • etc

I know this feels like a very negative post as compared to all the others I have posted in the past but the purpose of this post is to expose some of their causes. I believe the first step to solving a problem is first of all identifying and agreeing that it a problem you are actually facing and then devise ways of how to solve it. So I would encourage us to now draw up strategies on how to deal with mediocrity head-on and then we should be able to achieve excellence.



25 years well lived. More is still to come…

16 Dec

On Saturday 14th December, I celebrated my 25th birthday which reminded me of the fact that 25 years ago a destiny was born and the world was braced with a destiny like no other. This got me thinking of my past few years; what did I want to make out of these year? What exactly has happened? What have I achieved so far? How have I been a gift to the world? How and what has my generation benefited from me so far?

Meditating on these few questions I have been able to see that the past 25 years of my life have been well lived at least according to my own judgement.  In my childhood, I set out to personally achieve and enjoy. Most of them were personal such as travelling around the world, living and working in the US, working for a global corporation, living and working in NYC and Silicon valley, getting married at 24 and being a role model to many other young people of my generation. Shocking I have outdone most of these “dreams” and my personal realization is that most of these were self centred and in spite of the fact that I have achieved all of them I am personally not fulfilled and in fact each time I hit a milestone and achieved each of them I only realised that there is more to life than just these or even mere satisfying my own desires. True satisfaction is drawn from serving others and not oneself.

Through the years and my life experiences I have also learnt a few lessons that I want to share at this moment. These include:

  • Serving the world with your gifting is more important than making money and will actually get you to places where the money you current earn or even have access to can’t.
  • Being a part of the Kingdom of God is very important and necessary for one to lead a successful life. It is very important to know the Manufacturer as product if you are to operate successfully in the domain you have been created to operate in. Knowing God has been a very transforming experience for me.
  • For one to lead a successful life, it must be guided by principles. And not just any principles but principles that have been tested and proved to work for generations. Principles like telling the truth and being true to oneself, integrity, honesty, etc. basically Kingdom principles for success in life.
  • True success just does not happen by mistake or lack. It is planned and one has to work towards it. A recent lesson learnt from my meditations on flights and how they operate. Every on every flight knows the starting point, the destination and how to get from the starting point to the destination way before the flight date. It is not suprising that very many flights are successful. I believe these same exact principles should apply to one’s life if they are to be successful in life.
  • I have come to love problems and always strive to be a problem solver. I have learnt that most people in life are trying to run away from problems and so the only way I am going to be of help to others is if I can solve problem. Actually, my mentor puts it this way: “If you are looking for a business idea, do not waste time reading books or even copying out what other people are doing, just get into your local society, look at the problems your people are facing and then make yourself the solution to those exact problems.”
  • Finally I have learnt that in everything I do I should think big, never compete with other people but rather compete with myself; striving to do better than I did the last time and lastly that good is the biggest enemy of great therefore I should just strive to be good but rather strive to be great. Greater than I was the last time I did some thing; pursue excellence in everything I do.

Thinking of the years to come, I do not wish to be bogged down by the successes I have achieved so far well knowing that the biggest enemy to my progress in life is my most recent success, my “dreams” have now been more refined. God’s call on my life is more clearer than ever before and He has actually revealed of what is yet to become of me. My future is much more brighter as I look forward to:

  1. Getting more and more involved in leadership. This is not just going to be locally but globally influencing policy and strategy with the principles and statutes of the Kingdom of God.
  2. Serving the world more with my gifts including art, speech and children from my own loins.
  3. And finally having dominion over the spheres of business, media, education and family.

Indeed, just as my wife prophesied over me this Saturday, greater things are yet to come to me, great things are still to be done. I truly look forward to the future because it is surely brighter. Finally thanks to all of you my friends and family, I am indeed a total sum of all of you and the different influences you had on me. May God richly bless you and keep you safe. He is the Author of my Life and to Him be all the glory and Honor and I credit Him even for the influence I have had on your life. Have a great week folks.