Achieve Your Dreams: 2 of My Great Secrets

3 Aug

Allan in Brazil

As a young boy studying primary school in a rural district in Uganda, I had a dream to travel around the world; to study the world and make a meaningful contribution to the world. This did not look possible at the time as having been born in a family of 8; having a teacher as my father we could not have money for luxurious travels to simply experience the world. As a young man, I set out to be different. Studying from a rural school and not having the money at that time could not stop my dream, I knew I had to think and act differently if I was to achieve this dream.

As I write this piece, I have just concluded a very successful training and speaking engagement in Brazil today (31st July, 2015) and I have tears rolling down my eyes seeing how far the Lord has brought me and by age 26, I have been able to travel to 5 of the 7 continents of the world without me or my parents ever paying for any of these trips (Ps. I am only left with Australia and Antarctica).

Earlier this week, a great friend of mine wrote to me asked me. How are you able to do it? How have you been able to travel and attract all these global invitations at such a young age? The answers lie in two great secrets:

  1. The first secret lies in wisdom one of my mentors told me. He said: “In all your life, do not seek money but rather seek to become a person of value and then all the things you want in your life will come following you.” He also said, “To become a person of value you must study the world’s problems and provide solutions to them.” Since then I dedicate the biggest part of my life to studying the world’s problems and most of my thinking is geared towards solving these problems to make the world a better place to live in.
  1. The second secret lies in a quotes, my dad often uses i.e. “Beyond what you know is whom you know.” At all the times I have travelled with my dad, I noticed how deliberate he was at establishing global friends and contacts. These are very essential for anyone who wants to have global impact. I came to learn this from him and at every given opportunity, I am always looking for ways of establishing contacts with different people in different countries as I know this will expand my reach.

As a reader, I hope these two words of wisdom will help you expand your reach so you can achieve some of your global dreams too. Personally with all the knowledge, skills and experience I have gathered in the different parts of the world I have been able to travel to, I now know it is time to get into business to continue my struggle of providing solutions to the problems our world is facing as I achieve my personal dreams to travel and change the world.


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