Business and Faith in God – Lessons from Dr. Myles Munroe

17 Nov

Now, there is a common notion that business and faith in God do not mix, in fact some people think that God hates business and does not want to do anything with with it. Some Christians may even go ahead to quote several scriptures in justification of this. Some of the common scriptures quoted in this regard include:

1. 1 Timothy 6:10. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.

2.  Matthew 6:24… You cannot serve both God and Money.

However, on a closer look at these two scriptures, these people clearly miss the for. The first scripture says “the love of money” and not money itself. The love of money is different from money itself. The second scripture is better understood when you look at the scripture more closely. In a number of bible translations the word money in this scripture starts with capital M, which is implies that money in this context is being referred as a sort of god or idol. KJV brings it out more clearly. Here is the KJV version: …Ye cannot serve God and mammon.  Read more about mammon here.

Now that we have cleared some past misunderstanding, it is should be clear to us the business is God’s idea and God is very much interested in your business. You can read more about how God wants us to get engaged in business here.

Last year, while on his trip to Uganda, Dr. Myles Munroe spoke about Business Leadership in the 21st Century and gave one of the most eloquent speeches I have ever heard about business, below are some of the notes I picked up from his session:

Problems are very good things because they are the source of all businesses.

Business is simply the exchange of Product for value, Service for value, Ideas for value, Talent for value, Knowledge for value, Program for value, and Solutions for value. Therefore business is simply solving problems for value.

Your Value

  • If you want to be successful, do not seek success, seek to become a person of value and you will never be broke.
  • Value is making yourself significant by refining your gift
  • You do exploits and increase your value by pursuing knowledge
  • Become a consultant in your area
  • You are a walking business
  • You get what you negotiate

Your gift

  • Your gift is personal but never private
  • Whatever vision God gives you, you can do
  • Your deployment creates employment

The foundations of wealth as recorded in Genesis 2:9-12. 

  • Agriculture (Fruit & Food)
  • Water
  • Gold
  • Resin (Oil, Fuel)
  • Onyx (Precious stones)

The primary assignment from Genesis 1:26-28, God gave man

  • Dominion over resources
  • Management of the earth’s resources
  • Extension of the culture of Heaven & Earth
  • Divine strategy

The greatest secret

  • Every human being came to earth with a treasure of greatness to deliver to their generation
  • You were born with treasure of greatness that your generation needs
  • You were born with treasure. Do not die with your treasure
  • The greatest secret to success is discovery of your personal treasure

Wow, what a breadth of insight that was shared in this session. Truly the world is going to miss Dr. Myles Munroe however we choose to move on in life choosing to trust in the God he served who gave him all this insight. If he could give it to Munroe then surely He can give us even more.

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