Trusting God at all times

14 Jan

Often times we go through rough times thinking God has neglected us or left us alone and yet these are actually the defining moments for our destiny in life. Going through tough times does not mean any of the above.  There are a number of people who went through tough times in the Bible but they did not give up on God even when they were really facing it rough. Let us look at some examples here

  1. Joseph was sold off by his brothers into slavery in Egypt. It was not the best thing that could ever happen to anyone. Just imagine your own brothers; people you are supposed to trust and are supposed to help you grow up in a supportive environment selling off because you are doing God’s Will at all times. Then as if that was not enough when he got to Egypt, Potiphar’s wife gets him thrown into the worst prison because he refused to sleep with her and choose not to betray his God. But look here, even through this turmoil Joseph did not bow down to any other God. He kept serving the Almighty God, the God of Israel and God had NEVER neglected Joseph at any of all these stages of Joseph’s life. He was simply preparing him for his destiny. That is to rule over the entire earth.  And at the end of it, Joseph became leader and saved the entire world from Famine because he set himself apart to trust in God at all times.
  2. Job was a man who served the Lord in his days. He was a wealthy man who lost EVERYTHING God had given during the course of his life but he NEVER gave up on God at any one time. Even when his friends and wife encouraged him to do so. He refused to give up on his Master in Heaven even then He knew God still loved Him and could not do anything to harm Him.  Must as Job was going through a tough time in His life, God was using the situation in Job’s life to the Glory of His Name. He was using it to show the devil once and for all that there are people who trust in Me and can serve Me in all situations.
  3. The disciples were very sad and felt lonely when Jesus was crucified on the Cross. They could not believe that the Messiah who is the King of kings, Lord of lords, whom they had walked with, given up their lives to follow for three and half years; believing that He is going to save them and the entire world from sin and all redemption had just been crucified helplessly on the cross. It was not a good time seeing this. But little did they know that through His death of the Cross, the WHOLE earth was saved. That a wretch like you and me were saved from our sinful nature and given access to the King on the Throne. Because through all that suffering and pain on the Cross, God was restoring His relationship with mankind; He was showing His Love to the creation He loved the most and that much as Christ was suffering. He was being lifted up to a position none can NEVER have on earth because EVERY KNEE WILL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE shall confess that He is Lord. Trust it is much better for you to confess this before you die because after you die you will have to be judged and either way you MUST confess that He is Lord and you will have to bow before Him.

So friends, we must learn to trust in the Almighty God at all times. We must choose to study the Word of God each and every day because as we know Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. The only way you are going to grow in Faith is by hearing from God through His Word. Let His Word not leave your lips; meditate on His Word day and night so that you may show yourselves approved of God as His sons and daughters. He says in Hebrews “I will NEVER leave you nor FORSAKE you.” My question to all of us is: Do you believe Him when He says He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us? Or we choose to take what the world around us tells us?

The Bible mentions only one reason as to why God’s people perish. Hosea 4:6. “My people perish because of lack of knowledge” Friends study the Word of God, let it not depart from your lips. Do not let yourself perish because you do not know what is going on. Choose to set yourself apart so that you will know the seasons and won’t miss out on what is happening in the land but will be a part of what God is doing in the Land.

Phil 4:6-7. Do not worry about anything; instead, pray about EVERYTHING. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. If you do this you will experience God’s Peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Jesus Christ. So it is not our job to worry about anything because after all we do not and have never provided for ourselves. We have a master in Heaven we provides us with everything we need in due time. We need not to worry about anything but pray about everything; telling God what we need and thanking Him for all He has done. Let us not be like the pagans who have no God and keep running around wanting to do everything on their own. The Bible should be our inspiration and the source of all truths we believe in. Let the Bible be the TRUTH that we believe in and everything else we have read or come across BE FALSE. If anything is not in the Bible then it is false. Study the Word and let the Word teach you how to get RADICAL FAITH at all times.

God bless you and Glory to God for this message. He is worthy of all praise.


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