3 Key Lessons We Can Learn From a Flight As We Plan for the New Year

9 Jan

I am very excited to be writing my very first blog post this year and since you are now reading it allow me to say Happy NEW YEAR to you! I am certain it has gotten off to a great start and it is indeed going to be a great year. Back to business!!!

At the close of an old year or beginning of a new year, individual, organizations, governments, churches, charities etc always take off sometime to reflect on their company/private goals and set out new plans for the new year a process that always seems draining for some people but very important since one can only get a sense of personal satisfaction if they had developed plans at the beginning of the year and actually went on to achieve these by the end of the year. This is means they have lived on purpose since they had a specific vision and went after it. On the contrary some of us never go on to make these plans and things just keep happening as the year progresses; the disadvantage with this is that you have no focus. As the old saying goes if someone does not know where they are going then probably any road will lead them there. If you fall in this category, the year is still VERY young I strongly advise you to think through your personal priorities and dream big. Desire to achieve something you have never achieved and then focus all your efforts towards going for that. You will be amazed at what you will achieve simply because you purposed to work to what it.

Last December (2013) during my last flight I noticed 3 peculiar things about flights that when well thought through would make great lessons to learn from and help people develop better plans not just for their lives but also for big corporations. Lets take a quick look at these 3 things:

1. Every flight has a starting point and every passenger on the flight knows the starting point.

2. Every flight has an end point and every passenger is fully aware of the end point.

3. Every passenger on every flight is fully informed of how they will move from the starting point to the end point.

It was amazing when I discovered these 3 things. Every planned flight has these 3 qualities. My desire for sharing this with you is that you can apply these 3 qualities just as the planners of flights do. So for every plan you set out to achieve (whether individually or as a company) make sure you know the starting point, the end point and how you will move from the starting point to the end point.

Have a great year folks and remember to dream big as you plan this year. Remember ONLY THOSE WHO DARE TO DREAM BIG ACHIEVE BIG THINGS. 



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