25 years well lived. More is still to come…

16 Dec

On Saturday 14th December, I celebrated my 25th birthday which reminded me of the fact that 25 years ago a destiny was born and the world was braced with a destiny like no other. This got me thinking of my past few years; what did I want to make out of these year? What exactly has happened? What have I achieved so far? How have I been a gift to the world? How and what has my generation benefited from me so far?

Meditating on these few questions I have been able to see that the past 25 years of my life have been well lived at least according to my own judgement.  In my childhood, I set out to personally achieve and enjoy. Most of them were personal such as travelling around the world, living and working in the US, working for a global corporation, living and working in NYC and Silicon valley, getting married at 24 and being a role model to many other young people of my generation. Shocking I have outdone most of these “dreams” and my personal realization is that most of these were self centred and in spite of the fact that I have achieved all of them I am personally not fulfilled and in fact each time I hit a milestone and achieved each of them I only realised that there is more to life than just these or even mere satisfying my own desires. True satisfaction is drawn from serving others and not oneself.

Through the years and my life experiences I have also learnt a few lessons that I want to share at this moment. These include:

  • Serving the world with your gifting is more important than making money and will actually get you to places where the money you current earn or even have access to can’t.
  • Being a part of the Kingdom of God is very important and necessary for one to lead a successful life. It is very important to know the Manufacturer as product if you are to operate successfully in the domain you have been created to operate in. Knowing God has been a very transforming experience for me.
  • For one to lead a successful life, it must be guided by principles. And not just any principles but principles that have been tested and proved to work for generations. Principles like telling the truth and being true to oneself, integrity, honesty, etc. basically Kingdom principles for success in life.
  • True success just does not happen by mistake or lack. It is planned and one has to work towards it. A recent lesson learnt from my meditations on flights and how they operate. Every on every flight knows the starting point, the destination and how to get from the starting point to the destination way before the flight date. It is not suprising that very many flights are successful. I believe these same exact principles should apply to one’s life if they are to be successful in life.
  • I have come to love problems and always strive to be a problem solver. I have learnt that most people in life are trying to run away from problems and so the only way I am going to be of help to others is if I can solve problem. Actually, my mentor puts it this way: “If you are looking for a business idea, do not waste time reading books or even copying out what other people are doing, just get into your local society, look at the problems your people are facing and then make yourself the solution to those exact problems.”
  • Finally I have learnt that in everything I do I should think big, never compete with other people but rather compete with myself; striving to do better than I did the last time and lastly that good is the biggest enemy of great therefore I should just strive to be good but rather strive to be great. Greater than I was the last time I did some thing; pursue excellence in everything I do.

Thinking of the years to come, I do not wish to be bogged down by the successes I have achieved so far well knowing that the biggest enemy to my progress in life is my most recent success, my “dreams” have now been more refined. God’s call on my life is more clearer than ever before and He has actually revealed of what is yet to become of me. My future is much more brighter as I look forward to:

  1. Getting more and more involved in leadership. This is not just going to be locally but globally influencing policy and strategy with the principles and statutes of the Kingdom of God.
  2. Serving the world more with my gifts including art, speech and children from my own loins.
  3. And finally having dominion over the spheres of business, media, education and family.

Indeed, just as my wife prophesied over me this Saturday, greater things are yet to come to me, great things are still to be done. I truly look forward to the future because it is surely brighter. Finally thanks to all of you my friends and family, I am indeed a total sum of all of you and the different influences you had on me. May God richly bless you and keep you safe. He is the Author of my Life and to Him be all the glory and Honor and I credit Him even for the influence I have had on your life. Have a great week folks.


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