Is Reading a Necessity or an Option for you?

11 Nov

Every second, minute and day that comes by, we are faced with the haunting fact that a decision has been taken. At the end of each day every individual living on planet earth has made thousands of decision concerning a specific aspect in their own lives and/or even the lives of others. Each of these decisions we make affects not just us but every other person within our sphere of influence. Unfortunately, most of the decisions we make as individuals are uninformed decisions because in most cases we do not have as much information as we need to help us make these very important decisions.

One sure but most neglected way in which one can empower their ability to make high quality non regrettable decisions in through reading. It has always been argued that experience is the best teacher however we must agree it is really hard for one to learn from their own experiences. Reading other people’s experiences enables you to learn from the “best teacher” but also obtain new information which you can use in your daily decision making as an individual as well as for the different corporations you work for. Additionally, reading helps you study different peoples’ schools of thought on the different topics of interest you would like to expose yourself to as well as expand your knowledge in that specific area. I am reliably informed that the most highly paid people in the world are consultants. In my own experience, I work as a consultant for a number of global corporations and the total sums of money I collect from the consultancy jobs in a month equate to the total annual sum I get to my monthly paying job I currently occupy. Now, consultants are people who are paid for what they know and not actually what they do. All the other consultants I have personally met and become my friends are all great readers and read as much as possible in order to grow their gifting in their specific areas of expertise.

As a Kingdom citizen living in a foreign country (the World) I am always faced with very mainly conflicting activities i.e. activities that are contrary to what my King says I should be doing in the World where He has placed me as an ambassador for the Heavenly country. The quickest and easiest way I have empowered my decision making is by reading my Kingdom’s Constitution (The Holy Bible). So since I empower myself by reading it every day. I am always reliably informed and carry all the necessary information to make decisions that align with my Kingdom.

In conclusion, I am always amazed at how poor very many people are at decision making. It is saddening and unfortunately these same people much as many are literate, you will notice most of them bragging about the fact that they do not like reading. I used to brag this same exact ways two years upto when I noticed how bad I was at decision making and how I was ignorantly killing myself. I currently read about 4 books per month together with a daily dose of the Holy Bible. Folks from High School can testify how much I have grown in knowlegde a decision making over the last few years.

In my next post,  I will be sharing with you what is stopping you from becoming a frequent reader  & the specific benefits of reading with the hope that it will help you discover your reading personality and become a frequent reader.

Have a great week and please start reading. Grab that book on that topic you have always desired to learn more about.


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