My Wedding Speech

20 Aug

On 10th August, 2013 I entered one of the 3 big gates in my life when I married the Love of My Life, Hansa Phillpa at a great ceremony at Deliverance Church Makerere Hill followed by a great reception at Amka Gardens. ( Will share the photos in my next blog post). During the wedding preparations, my best man noticed a quality in me, that I had never noticed all my life. He mentioned to me that I am a man of details and always ensure I have all the details before I do something.

One of the detailed things I did was to write down my speech so that I have all the details engraved in. It is a speech  I wrote from the bottom of my heart and it encompasses some of the core reasons behind the big celebration. Allow me to take this opportunity to share it with all of you. Hope you enjoy reading it and are in turn inspired:

“Today we celebrate a new phrase, the starting of a new season in a journey that started 3 years and 4 months ago. On April, 10th, 2010 I asked Hansa who I barely knew at that time to start this walk with me; promising her that of all the guys that had tried to vibe her I was the most serious one and that I would walk her down the aisle. There must have been fear in Hansa’s heart but I forever cherish her choice that she made that day because she choose HOPE ahead of fear and as we celebrate today; we ought to remember we are celebrating because of the choice she made on that day. I love you Hansa and I thank God we have got to this day when I fulfill my promise of marrying you. This is a lifelong journey and I know the Lord, our King has a lot more in store for us.

A week back as I spoke to my boss’s boss about my wedding plans, she was extremely excited and smiling asking me all these questions why I was getting married at such a tender age. Around the same time I read a story from my mentor that exactly represented my choice, the choice that I made 3 years after I met Hansa. It is captured in a short article called the “Decision affecting the future – written by my Dr. Myles Munroe”


I will read it out for you:

We only realise our inherent strength and leadership strength within us when we come to understand our true selves. Just as the young lion, living on a sheep farm watched the beast/male lion walking away and knew that he had to make a decision about his future, we too have a choice to make about your own future.

Just as the young lion looked back at the farm where the sheep were and then looked toward the forest where the lion was heading, we have to evaluate our past and our potential and step toward one or the other. Just as the young lion knew that, to become his true self, he would have to give up the safe, secure, predictable, and simple life of the farm and enter the frightening, wild, untamed, unpredictable, dangerous life of the jungle, we will have to leave the safe confines of being a follower if we are going to become a leader.

Just as  the young lion turned his back on the farm, crossed the river, and walked into the forest leaving behind his old life as a sheep and embarking on the life he was born to live. Today we choose to live the safe, secure and predictable confines of our parents’ homes and move on to the untamed, insecure, unpredictable, unknown,  life of marriage, where we will have to create new definitions, provide security and make the home and marriage with the guidance of our Lord, King and Father in Heaven.


For the past couple months we have been organising for this day, it has been a rough time getting everything set and in place for TODAY and all your support and help has made it easier and simple to accomplish this. Allow me to specifically say thank you and recognise our families and 3 of our great friends (Simon, Judith and Chris) who took our vision for the wedding, took on every task we have assigned them and have made this day look exactly like our dream wedding. These guys have worked tooth and nail to ensure that this day is totally as you have experienced it. We are forever grateful for all the time, finances and efforts you have put into making this day come true. May my King, the Lord of the Heavens forever bless you and each and every person who has in each and every way made this dream come true for both  of us. We bless the Lord our King for all you and your impact on our lives.”




2 Responses to “My Wedding Speech”

  1. Lwazi August 21, 2013 at 4:45 am #


  2. William Luyima August 21, 2013 at 8:38 pm #

    That was an awesome speech. Congratulations my friends.

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