The Kingdom of God revealed – Kingdom series Part 1

8 Feb

God the Father is the King of the Heavens. God created man to extend His Heavenly influence from the unseen world (Heavens) into the seen world (Earth). And He created man to be both a priest and a king therefore He wanted to create a Kingdom of Priests also known as a royal priesthood. A priest is the man who speaks to God on man’s behalf and a king is the person who has influence over a territory. A closer look at Adam (before), our fore father he had all this. He sinned he had all these. He used to speak to God (fellowship with God) and he was a king. He had dominion over everything on earth just as God’s original plan for man was (Gen 1:26).

When Adam fell into sin, he did not fall from Heaven, he fell from his original purpose (Gen 1:26) that is dominion over the earth. He gave up his rulership over the earth the devil. Therefore, Jesus did not majorly come to save man from his sins but came to restore man back to his original purpose. We see this is Jesus’s first sermon, He said

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Matthew 4:17

Right from His first sermon He preached the Kingdom of heaven. The word repent means change your mind (Webster dictionary) so He was tell the people changes minds the Kingdom of Heaven is here. In otherwords, Heavenly influence is now here. So God’s plan has NEVER having religious people but having a people who are priests and Kings at the same time.

So again, salvation is only a means to the Kingdom of Heaven. The ONLY time Jesus talked about being born again was in private (not publically) and He had specifically been asked He was asked by Nicodemus how can one ENTER the Kingdom of Heaven and that is when Jesus responded:

John 3:3. Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again. SO being born again is not the Gospel. The Gospel is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and salvation is the means into the Kingdom.


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