Lessons to learn from Abraham – Part 2

28 Dec

Yesterday, we talked about a couple of things we can learn as Christians from Abraham. We were looking at Genesis 15-18. Today we continue with this series as I share my meditations on the story of Abraham in Genesis 19-21.

Yesterday, we shared that because Abraham believed God’s promise to him; God credited it to him as righteousness (Gen 15:6). Through the story we continue to see God’s favour over Abraham’s life because of this righteousness. Lets look at some examples here:

  1. In Gen 20, we see Abraham trying to save his life from King Abimelech by introducing himself as a brother to Sarah (his wife) and God practically closed up the wombs of every female in Abimelech’s household until he returned Sarah to Abraham. God Himself was protecting and watching over Abraham even when he was in a region that did not know God as the Lord of everything. Abimelech actually went on to give Abraham sheep, cattle and slaves and Abraham prayed for him and they were released from the bondage they had gotten themselves. With this kind of righteousness, we ought to know that God Himself is watching over us and always going to protect us.
  2. Secondly, in Gen 21, we see God fulfilling His promise by giving Abraham a son whom he named Isaac. I believe this was still part of the blessing of believing God’s promised to him a.k.a being righteousness. And again we see Abraham being obedient to God by circumcising Isaac on the 8th Day as God had earlier told him.
  3. In the same chapter, we also see God asking Abraham to send off Ishmael and Hagar as his wife Sarah had asked him so that the promise made to his descendants through Isaac who come to pass. However as God still promised to make a nation through Ishmael as Abraham had asked God to.
  4. I believe Gen 22 is the highlight of Abraham’s life and faith in God. God asks him to sacrifice his one and only son (Gen 22:2) and we see Abraham with no single hesitation without even reminding God that He had made a promise to make a great nation through him or even complaining to God that this was the only son He had given to him and his wife. Truly, when you look at how Abraham trusted God I am marvelled and totally believe this is the kind of faith we ought to have. Trusting God at all times no matter what we ask for.
  5. I also believe God was testing Abraham and kind of taking him through what God would do for the entire world by sacrificing His Only Son Jesus Christ on the Cross at Calvary. Actually, I believe it is the same mountain that Jesus was crucified is the same as the one where God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.

Hope you have picked a couple of lessons from my meditations. Do not forget to read your Bible and as well share your meditations with someone.

Written with inspiration and extracts from the Bible (NIV)


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