Lessons to learn from Abraham – The father of our faith

27 Dec

This morning I have been reading one of my favorite books in the Bible i.e. Genesis. I love the book because just like any mathematician I get to know the first principles of our faith and sort of the origin of most of the covenants and various events we see in the entire Bible. This book shows the foundations of most of these.

This morning I have been reading Genesis 15 – 18 and all my prayer this morning has been drawn from this passage because it has been really inspirational and I have been challenged and learnt a lot about the God we serve as Christian.

In the next couple of bullets I would like to share with you key lessons I have got from meditating on the 4 chapters I just read. (You can also go ahead and read the chapters you will be amazed at how much info God has revealed to us about Himself)

  1. In Gen 15:5-6. God makes a promise to Abraham that his offspring shall be like the stars in the sky (uncountable) and Abraham believed God and God credited it to him as righteousness. This is a key lesson for us a Christians. Our  righteousness is not from the good things we do, it comes from believing God’s Word He has spoken into our lives.
  2. Abraham was never afraid of questioning God whenever he did not understand something about what God told him and God always answered his questions. Look at Gen 15:8-9.
  3. God has always been consisted with His Word right from the start. He says in Amos 3:7. Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. Reading through Gen 15:13-21 God informed Abraham of His plot to have the descendants of Abraham being strangers in a foreign country (Egypt) before they take possession of the promised land. He also mentions to him the reasons as to why they had to go serve as foreigners i.e. because the sin of the Amorites who were currently occupying the land had not yet reached full measure, to punish the nation in which they serve as foreigners and finally so they can come out of that nation we great possessions. If you read further in Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy and Joshua you will notice how all these came to pass.
  4. Abraham always responded to God’s command on the dot. In Gen 17, we see that God establishes a covenant of circumcision of all the males in Abraham’s household as a sign between God and Abraham and on that very day every male in Abraham’s household including all the slaves and Abraham himself were circumcised. My prayer point from this has been that I will always be as responsive as he was to God. Because I certainly know that a covenant with God is an everlasting one. As Christians it should be our desire to focus on everlasting things and not just vanity.
  5. In Gen 18:1-8. We clearly see how hospitable Abraham was even to people he did not know. He starts by inviting them in and then prepared a meal for them; making bread and had to kill a fresh calf for them. Amazing!! Reminds of the scripture in Hebrews where God reminds us of this very incident. Heb 13:2. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. And Matthew 25:35…I was a stranger and you invited me in.. I believe it is a calling on us Christians to always be hospitable to strangers. The father of our faith showed us such a great example.
  6. Finally, this was part of my reading that really blew me away. 6 times Abraham spoke to God and was asking him to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if there were a specific number of righteous people in these cities. Read Gen 18:26-33. Unfortunately, there were not even 10 righteous people (Remember how we defined righteousness earlier in this passage) and the cities were destroyed in Gen 19.

The burden that is lying on my heart this morning as Christians is that we will grow in our faith as Christians. Growing to the level of our forefathers having Abraham as our example for this case. Reading through Abraham’s story (Gen 11:10 – Gen 25) there are indeed lots of great lessons we can learn a lot about our faith. In the next couple of days I want to continue posting my meditations on his story.

But I do not believe just going to Church and reading my blog posts is enough for you as a Christians we all have Bibles but never get to read them. God clearly tells us Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 10:17. There is no way we are going to grow in our faith if we do not commit ourselves to reading and abiding in the Word of God on a daily basis. God tells us that man shall not live on bread alone by on every Word that comes from the Mouth of God (Deut 8:3). I think we should learn especially from the point 4 to start reading the Word of God right from today. Lets feed on the Word and We will see ourselves grow in our faith. I believe God will also start trusting us with bigger things when we believe and obey His Word. One of the most striking statements that hit me as I read was in Gen 18:17 Then the Lord said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do? I would certainly want the Lord to say this about me and reveal what He is about to do to me.

So brethren, lets abide in God’s Word so that we will be true disciple. John 8:31.


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